pDuties is an iPhone® app that helps friends and family keep track of their pet responsibilities in a fun and simple fashion.

Know when Lilly was last walked, or when Munchkin's litter box was last changed. Duke might love it when he gets double-dinner, but you are probably wondering why he has packed on a few pounds this month. pDuties helps you and the people with whom you share pet duties keep track of who completed the various pet-care tasks and when.

  • Easily record when pet duties are completed
  • Add friends and family to your group to share pet duties
  • Get push notifications when pet duties are completed by others - no need to rush home and let the dogs out!
  • Keep tabs on all the pets in the household – and on which human is helping with the lion’s share of duties!
  • Ensure that your pet’s medication is given at the right time 
  • Review the history of your pet’s duties
  • Track tasks for both dogs and cats

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